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Edbook is a sports, education, arts & culture social network site that supports students at various schools, universities and drop-out students to provide learning opportunities, careedevelopment, career management and develop skills, Edbook allow anyone to be at least 12years old to become a registered user of the website. It provides students with educational information, career advisors and a platform for government departments, private companies, and universities to market and provide necessary information to the students across Africa.

There currently isn’t a central infrastructure that is South African based that provides a contemporary set of marketing tools and technologies that provides a platform to users across the spectrum (Students/Faculty/mentors) to create, manage and disseminate users.

This plan is an effort to highlight the needs, define a vision, propose a roadmap, select a set of technologies and design an organizational structure that would help execute that vision over the long term.


To incorporate Edbook Social Network into the very fabric of the students experience, from the most fundamental teaching and learning activities to a wide variety of areas such as collaboration and outreach.

Organizational Goals

Edbook NPO is aimed at empowering youth (None sexist, none racist and none discriminatory) from diverse background particularly focusing on rural disadvantaged communities including youth in prisons. for those youth that have no aspirations and dreams.

Our personal stories we invigorate inspire and motivate them to making a difference to our nation.

Edbook was created to bridge the information gap faced by young people in disadvantaged communities as well as to enable a holistic platform of opportunities.

Young people from universities, communities and prison are recruited to carry out their invaluable innovative ideas within the organization for the benefit of the greater community while gain excellent interpersonal, leadership and work experience.

 Promote innovative teaching

 Provide opportunities for Maths and Science graduates

 Develop skills

 Develop careers

 Manage careers

 Provide information to students

Benefits to Communities

 The community will see immediate benefits from integration of the ESN platforms to train and promote future leaders through ESN education programs.

 The students, community and businesses will utilize the facilities to enhance their skills and promote students & their businesses on the ESN for growth and awareness.

 The students will have in-house career advisors to assist them with their respective career choices.

 Centre will assist the students with product management, angel investors and marketing strategies.

Our Team

Faith Mogase


Seabelo Moepi

Maths & Science Tutor

Pako Tong

Journalist and Lifestyle presenter

We are the best educational social network

Edbook supports students
Its a platform for:
It Provides Students with education

We aim to Achieve:

Placement Achievement - 85%
Skill Development - 75%
Personal Development - 65%
Outdoor Communication - 80%
Indoor Participation - 70%


I am an advocate for education and building young people, so Edbook provided me with a platform to not only help in changing people’s lives but also to further my career.
author-img - Faith Mogase
Edbook TV Presenter
I am an advocate for education and building young people, so Edbook provided me with a platform to not only help in changing people’s lives but also to further my career..
author-img - Faith Mogase
Edbook TV Presenter