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Mirage, is the name given to any member of a family of combat aircraft produced by the Dassault-Breguet aeronautics firm of France.

The first Mirage aircraft was the single-engine, delta-wing Mirage III, which was first flown in 1956 but subsequently underwent significant development.

The jet will be a key attraction feature on the soon-to-be completed luxury Lifestyle Emporium in Sandton. Brainchild of business maverick Zunaid Moti, the Chairman of the Moti Group, the FuturExotics Lifestyle Emporium will form part of the Moti Group’s official offices and properties, and will be Johannesburg’s new luxury destination.

The FuturExotics Lifestyle Emporium will display an array of luxury vehicles, time pieces, art and other exclusive collectable items. The Mirage jet placed on top of the building, will be the finishing touch – and undoubtedly a spectacular site! “I’m excited to have the Mirage as the signature piece on top of the FuturExotics Lifestyle Emporium building. It is symbolic of beauty, strength, agility and speed, which is what Sandton represents as the financial capital of Africa. ” commented Moti.

During the 1960s the Mirage III was the basic air superiority fighter of the Israeli air force, and it performed spectacularly in the Six-Day War of 1967.

Other countries whose air forces adopted the Mirage III included Brazil, Lebanon, South Africa, Argentina, Pakistan, Spain, Australia and Switzerland.

The Moti-Mirage is a decommissioned and non-functional aircraft.

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