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Theatre Week season 15 concluded last night. It has given music lovers everything, tears, drama and 32 unsigned and newly discovered talent. They gave their best on the stage to fight for the Top 16 spot. 


This was the last time each contestant had an opportunity to show Mzansi what they have got. The hopefuls had the opportunity to sing by themselves accompanied by the Idols band. After surviving the group round cut, the final 32 delivered their solo performances. 


The final stage of Theatre Week was about getting their names out there with the hope that they deliver memorable performances. The rehearsal schedules were ready, but the songs for each contestant were not known for a while. Eventually, most of the contestants got excited about the songs that were chosen for them. It looked like the music team and judges matched the contestants and their songs very well. 


Brothers Nolo and Thoriso were very happy with their song choices. The twins were also thrilled about the song choices. However, not everyone was delighted by the songs chosen for them. 


This part of Theatre Week was about learning your lyrics, knowing your range and fully comprehending your singing skills and abilities as an individual. Most importantly, it was about fighting for the Top 16 spot. 


Twin sister Virginia was the first to grace the stage to try to win the crowd and the three Idols judges. When asked how she will feel if one of them makes it and the other one doesn’t, she said, “I think this is a competition and the one who makes it will have to continue. The one who doesn’t will have to go home and support the other one,” she added. 


The judges were impressed by the opening performance. It was a good start. 


Nqobile, the queen of comebacks took to the stage, and the judges were equally impressed with the 21-year-old. Her story is a beautiful one that may help her win the hearts of many if she proceeds to the next round, coupled with a performance that Randall enjoyed. “I can see her doing lots of stuff. I see her being versatile. She doesn’t look like the type that would say I am in the Top 16, I am fine,” Randall expanded. 


They kept going and the judges opined differently on some of the performances. Another memorable performance was from Micayla whose talent was discovered at the Telkom Pop-Up Auditions. 


It was an evening where everybody gave their best on stage. Like any competition, eliminations have to be made, some contestants will be disappointed, and others will be happy for making it to the next round. 


Viewers and fans of the show can start making their predictions on who will make the cut. On Sunday, half of them will go home when the Top 16 for season 15 is revealed. 


Theatre Week may be over, but Idols 2019 can now really begin.

Idols SA season 15 is on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161 on Sundays at 17h30. For more information visit our website:

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